The 5 Best Nightlights for Adults – The Key to A Good Night’s Sleep

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J Devlin NTL 165 Multi Colored Night Light
Antique and vintage fans will love the J Devlin multicolored nightlight. Its metallic solder boasts a vintage charcoal patina finish that makes it look subtle and elegant.

Getting spooked by a pitch dark room is a common fear that many of us experienced as toddlers. But as we grew up, we got to understand that there’s no reason to feel frightened once the lighting fixtures are turned off. Or at least, that’s what most people tell themselves when they start feeling nervous in the dark. But as it turns out, nyctophobia is a common occurrence even among adults. If you usually get scared of the dark, a bright night light can help.

You can place this fixture on your nightstand and leave it on all night long. But nightlights aren’t just for grown-ups who are afraid of the dark. When installed in hallways, they can illuminate your path, preventing you from tripping over your child’s toys when you wake up in the middle of the night.

The Best Nightlights for Adults

What are the Best Nightlight for Adults?

The best nightlights for adults reduce chances of accidents around your home, particularly if you are living with a senior person. A well-lit home prevents the possibilities of the elderly and persons with mobility impairment problems from falling. To maximize their use, nightlights ought to be placed in strategic locations such as in the bedroom, hallways, stair cases and bathrooms. You can also install nightlights in outdoor patios and porches. Imagine arriving home in the wee hours of the night just to realize that you can’t find your keys.

1. J Devlin NTL 165 Multi Colored Night Light

Antique and vintage fans will love the J Devlin multicolored nightlight. Its metallic solder boasts a vintage charcoal patina finish that makes it look subtle and elegant. Another thing that adds to its stylish design is the stained glass that comes in different shades of green, purple, peach, amber, burgundy, and aquamarine. So, if you’re looking for a nightlight that doubles up as a work of art- the J Devlin is it.

The entire unit measures 3 1/8 inches by 1 ½ inches by 4 ½ inches. When you purchase the nightlight, you also get a 4-watt bulb. The on and off switch is conveniently located below the night light for easy reach.

2. TK LED Night Light

Another ideal fixture that you can install in indoor spaces is the TK LED nightlight. It’s also one of the most durable nightlights that you can buy. The manufacturer alleges that this set of 2 plug-in nightlights will provide illumination for up to 10 years.

It also comes with senor that generates a strong white glow in low light conditions. And the best part is that you won’t have to push buttons to get this nightlight working. Simply set it in lighting mode, and the fixture will automatically brighten your space when the darkness sets in.

3. Reminda 4 Pack Night Light

Blue light therapy has been found to be a more effective treatment than white light. Not only is blue light recommended for newborns born with jaundice but it also helps individuals diagnosed with anxiety and depression. One of the best fixtures that produces such blue light is this 4-pack LED nightlight by Reminda. It generates just the perfect amount of blue light in your bedroom, giving you a soothing and calming effect.

It also has a built-in photocell sensor, which automatically turns the fixture on at dusk, then turns it off in the presence of ambient light. Another plus of the Reminda 4-pack is its low electricity consumption. With this nightlight, you don’t have to worry about your electricity bills soaring through the roof.

4. FC-Fancier Dimmable Adult Nightlight

Are you looking for a versatile nightlight that you can use both in your bedroom and your baby’s nursery? The FC-Fancier Dimmable light is an excellent option. What makes this a suitable nightlight for your child’s room is the fact it’s wireless and quiet. This fixture generates soft, warm lighting. As a result, it can also be installed in a hallway, closet, cabinet, pantry or storage room.

In case this nightlight doesn’t live up to your expectations, the manufacturer provides a full reimbursement if you return it within thirty days of your purchase.

5. LED Concepts Night Lights

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly night light, the LED Concepts that comes with a pack of 2 plug-in lights will fit your bill. Featuring a cool touch design, the nightlights ensure a continuous glow throughout the night; hence, guaranteeing convenience, safety and security. Once these night lights are plugged in, they automatically turn on when you switch off your lights at night.

But what makes LED Concepts nightlights stand out is their space-saving design, which allows them to be placed in any room. They generate a warm white glow, which is easy on your eyes, allowing you to sleep soundly all night long.

Best-Nightlight-for-AdultsWhat is a night light?

Often small in size, this is a lighting fixture designed to illuminate areas without disrupting an individual’s sleep. Nightlights can be used just about anywhere. Plus, they can be used by people across all age groups; some are designed for teenagers, others for babies and other nightlights are customized for adults’ needs. Battery powered nightlights are particularly useful in emergency situations.

How to Choose the Best Night Light

Night lights are excellent additions not just for adult bedrooms but also for babies’ rooms. But to make the most out of this fixture, start by choosing one that meets your needs. Here are a few key things to consider:

Night Light Type

Nightlights come in a variety of shapes and styles. It means that you should have determined what style of nightlight you want before you start shopping for one. The most common designs for these fixtures include plug-ins, plush, portable and projector nightlights. Plug-ins mean that you have to connect the fixtures to standard outlets to power them. Plush nightlights come in stuffed animal shapes while portable ones use rechargeable batteries. With the projection type, the fixture projects a particular design and shape on the wall.

Bulb Type

Bulbs have been around for millennia. Manufacturers are also adjusting and refining the bulbs they make. When choosing a night light, one thing you should examine is the type of bulb it comes with. The bulb is the sole of the nightlight as it determines just how brightly or dimly it lights up. LED bulbs are the most recommended since they last a long time and don’t get hot when you touch them. Plus, they are energy-efficient.

Light Color

The color of the nightlight is another vital factor that should not be overlooked. One mistake that people often make it to choose their favorite colors. This is not always the best idea. Experts recommend picking nightlights with either orange or red hues. Such fixtures imitate the natural light during sunset, signaling your body that it’s nighttime and hence, time for sleeping.

Level of Brightness

One last thing to keep in mind is the brightness of the nightlights, especially if you’re buying one for your child’s room. Ideally, it should be bright enough to provide adequate illumination but not too bright that it disrupts the user’s sleep. The good thing is that a majority of modern nightlights come with a range of settings, one of which is to adjust the brightness level.

Nightlights for adults Bestsellers

Do Night Lights Have Any Effect on Sleep?

Based on numerous studies, it’s evident that light has a significant impact on your body or more specifically, your sleep patterns. The human body uses a rhythm that responds to the surrounding level of light. It explains why you feel fatigued and sleepy when you’re in a dark environment. In contrast, a well-lit area prompts your body to stay awake and be active.

The light produced by these fixtures is not sufficient to wake your body. However, some nightlight models are too bright, causing an interference in your sleeping pattern. It’s why some studies have found nightlights to have detrimental effects on an individual’s sleep. To prevent this, ensure the fixture you buy generates just a moderate amount of light.

The Relationship between Light and Sleep

Nightlight fixtures can keep you in a light sleep state. They also make it difficult for you to get up at dawn. The undeniable truth is that people sleep best in pitch darkness. When you are well-rested, it becomes much easier for your brain to determine the right time to get up since the sun’s natural light will be the first thing that your brain encounters in the morning.

Your body is naturally designed to sleep when it’s dark and to stay awake in the presence of light. It is why you have a hard time sleeping in when the golden rays of the sun are penetrating through your window. So if you can do without a nightlight, the better. You can consider other light-canceling options that help you sleep better at night. These include sunset simulations, motion-sensing nightlights and off-color bulbs.

Wrap Up

Nightlights aren’t reserved for kids anymore. Whether you’re scared of the dark or want a fixture that blends in well with your bedroom décor, an adult nightlight is a great option. Nightlights are easy to install and they allow you to check in on your kids without interrupting their sleep.

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