The 5 Best Wall Mounted Mirror to Spice Up Your Home Décor

Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the best of them all? In this case, wall mounted mirrors are! Not only do they make a big fashion statement but they also show reflections of other images. Well-placed wall mirrors allow natural light into your home. They also blend in well with framed prints or décor items on your walls. And, they make tiny rooms look so much bigger.

Given the vast range of styles, shapes and designs of wall mirrors, it can be challenging to pick just one. This is where we come in. We have narrowed down your options by highlighting the five best wall mounted mirror reviews.


The Best Wall Mounted Mirror

What’s the Best Wall Mounted Mirror?

The best wall mounted mirrors are those made of high-quality materials. These mirrors should be capable of boosting the styles of the rooms they are installed in. Although wall mirrors have the same basic purpose, there are tons of differences in the way they are framed, their shapes and sizes. Here’s a look at the best wall mirrors.


#1 NEW Large Transitional Wall Mirror

Hamilton Hills NEW Large Transitional Rectangle...
45 Reviews
Hamilton Hills NEW Large Transitional Rectangle...
  • SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: A taste of old world and opulence with our 24" x 36"...
  • SAFE AND EASY TO INSTALL: Our authentic silver backed glass is embedded in the...
  • 3 GENERATIONS OF EXCELLENCE: Our family has been manufacturing and producing...

If you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom, the New Transitional wall mirror by Hamilton Hills will make an excellent addition. Featuring a sophisticated design, this mirror measures 24 by 36 inches. There’s a hand cut, antique frame surrounding the beveled glass mirror in the middle. For maximum stability, the manufacturer uses corner bracing to secure the glass mirror.

You will also like how easy it is to install this wall mirror. The mirror comes with D-ring hanging clips, other hardware and screws for an easy installation. New Large wall mirror is also versatile as it can be mounted horizontally or vertically. And the best thing is that Hamilton Hills promises a full reimbursement in case the mirror suffers damage during transit. For makeup and other decorative purposes, buy the New Large Transitional wall mirror today.


#2 Howard Elliott 36016 Frameless Mirror

Howard Elliott 36016 Frameless Mirror, Oblong, 22'...
88 Reviews
Howard Elliott 36016 Frameless Mirror, Oblong, 22"...
  • A perfect accent piece for an entryway, bathroom, bedroom or any room in your...
  • It is a rectangle with rounded corners and a simple beveled edge
  • Showcase alone or in multiples, other frameless sizes and shapes are available

The Howard Elliott 36016 is specially designed for homeowners who prefer frameless mirrors. As mentioned earlier, these mirrors have multiple benefits such as being easier to install and maintain. They also improve the level of hygiene when installed in a bathroom. The Howard Elliott is a 22” by 30”, oblong frameless mirror.

If you’re not a DIY enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the D-rings attached on the back of the mirror. Ideally, you can hang this mirror right out of the box; no screws, no hooks and no skills required to set it up. Like the New Large Transitional wall mirror, the Howard Elliott can also be mounted vertically or horizontally.


#3 Feiss MR1127ORB Rounded Wall Mirror

Feiss MR1127ORB Rounded 28.5 inch Diameter Mirror,...
25 Reviews
Feiss MR1127ORB Rounded 28.5 inch Diameter Mirror,...
  • Feiss rounded oil rubbed bronze mirror
  • 28.5 inch diameter and extends 2.125 inches
  • Easy to hang, hardware included and affixed to the frame

If you want a mirror that can also double up as a work of art, this rounded mirror by Feiss is your best option. It has a warm bronze frame, making it suitable for transitional and retro-themed spaces.

Featuring a diameter of 28.5 inches, this round mirror will make an excellent addition to your bedroom. Feiss has provided all the accessories you need to install it. And, you have the freedom of hanging it in a vertical or horizontal position.


#4 Deco 79 Heavily Discounted Metal Mirror

Deco 79 Heavily Discounted Metal Mirror
38 Reviews
Deco 79 Heavily Discounted Metal Mirror
  • Crafted from metal
  • Antique silver and amber finish
  • Beveled mirror measures 20W

Fanatics of vintage pieces will love the Deco 79 wall mirror, which has an antique silver and brass finish. This mirror works well in a traditional space. You can also use it to add a sharp contrast to a contemporary-themed bedroom, office or hallway.

With a diameter of 20 inches, the Deco 79 isn’t the biggest wall mirror on the market. However, it looks stunning when installed on small walls. You can also pair it with other mirrors to give the illusion of an extra-large space.


#5 Small Frameless Beveled Oval Wall Mirror

Small Frameless Beveled Oval Wall Mirror |...
73 Reviews
Small Frameless Beveled Oval Wall Mirror |...
  • CLASSIC DESIGN: A longstanding bestseller, this simple yet sophisticated beveled...
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Constructed of authentic ¼-inch thick glass, this highly...
  • SAFE, SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The mirror comes securely mounted to thin wood core...

This is the best wall mounted mirror for bathroom. Beveled Oval mirror comes in four sizes for optimal versatility: 20” by 27”, 22” by 28”, 23.5” by 33” and 24” by 36”. Constructed using ¼-inch thick glass, this wall mirror looks stunning and fun but not too fancy for a casual room.

Another plus of this mirror is the premium silver backing, which prevents it from corroding. It is this feature that makes it ideal to use in bathrooms and other humid settings. Also, this wall mirror comes securely attached to wood core backing for maximum support.


Best-Wall-Mounted-MirrorWall Mirror Styles

Mirror Shapes

One crucial aspect you need to consider when purchasing a wall mirror is its shape. The shape can either complement or contrast other patterns in your bedroom design. Square or rectangular-shaped wall mirrors are also known as landscape or portrait. These types of mirror are great for maximizing light and increasing the size of rooms.

Oval mirrors look like rectangular but with rounded edges on the corners. These types of mirrors offer a slightly vintage appearance. Abstract are the most recent kinds of mirrors. These ones can take any shape; be it a star, geometric shape or a broken shard of glass.

Mirror Frames

The frame of your mirror is the next crucial aspect to consider. Frames have the potential to change mirrors from simple, understated pieces to dramatic focal points. There are different kinds of frames such as gilt, wooden or mirrored.


Gilded frames are great for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to a room. They work particularly well with Luxe styles. Most of them have metallic finishes raging from silver to gold and bronze.


If you want a mirror that gives your room a natural appearance, you should go for one with a wooden frame. Wooden framed mirrors have this earthy natural look, ranging from rustic to weathered finish.


Mirrored frames consist of individually-crafted pieces of beveled glass. They encase the middle section of a mirror at a different angle so as to highlight the area or reflect light in multiple directions. Mirrored frames complement contemporary décor, which means they work well for homes with Urban or Luxe styles.


Sometimes, the best option is to go for mirrors have no frames at all, especially if you intend to mount the mirror on your bathroom wall. If you think about it critically: the frame can serve as a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Besides, cleaning a mirror with a frame is more difficult than cleaning a full length frameless mirror. With a frameless mirror, you won’t have to worry about the bacteria or a difficult time cleaning and maintaining it.

Wall Mounted Mirror deals

Find a Shape That Works for You

As stated previously, the shape of your mirror will have a significant impact in defining your space. It helps to accentuate your existing interior décor, create the mood of a room and give illusion of something different.

  • A long horizontal shape emphasizes the width as it causes your eyes to look through a long line. Similarly, tall vertically-shaped wall mirrors call your attention to height as they force your eyes to travel upward.
  • An angular shape, whether square or rectangle, gives the typical, restrained appearance.
  • If you want a slightly whimsical or soft look, then wall mirrors with circular frames are the best.


Why Size Matters

The size of your mirror also influences the appearance of your room. To determine the size, first establish whether you want this mirror to be a focal point, a piece of art or to merely remain in the background.

You need not purchase a tiny mirror to mount on a big wall. It will appear lost and out of place. As such, remember to factor in the size of your wall when purchasing the mirror.

A mirror meant to act as a focal point needs to be big enough to serve this role. Ensure that it’s large enough that it sticks out. Alternatively, choose a frame that makes the mirror more noticeable.

If you’re looking to buy a mirror to fit well in your background, then it should also be large. This way, it gives the illusion of a big space even if your room is small.

Small-sized mirrors serve well as accents; some allow natural light into rooms while others help to reflect fascinating items. The best way to use small mirrors is to use them in groups rather than as standalone units. When used in groups, these mirrors create a bigger shape.


It is All about Style

Your mirrors can help to emphasize the style you already have in your room. You can also choose a completely different style of mirror to give your room a unique look. Although the shape and size of the mirror matter, what matters most is the frame.

As stated earlier, you can choose from a variety of frames. For instance, an ornate or gilt frame is often used in traditionally-themed settings. Nonetheless, it can also be used to contrast the contemporary style. For modern-themed interiors, a mirror mounted on a circular frame is the best option. Fancy frames work perfectly for a country look.


The Bottom Line

There are many versions of wall mirrors, but the secret is to choose one based on style, size and shape. In fact, the frame is what defines the style of the mirror. The type of wall mirror you choose will also depend on the purpose for which you are purchasing it. While bathroom mirrors are mostly frameless, mirrors for decorative purposes feature rustic frames. Another thing to consider is that wall mirrors can be heavy. As such, you should choose the right mounting hardware. If you’re not sure about what wall mounted mirror to go for, consider the ones in our review.

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