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7 Best Android Car Stereos- The Unbeatable Hands-Free Android Integration

 Apple, Google, and plenty of auto companies are engaged in a relentless tug-of-war when it comes to refining car dashboards. While car manufacturers prefer that the original car infotainment software to remain intact, rivalling giants are inclined to provide better alternatives that come with advanced features. One particular infotainment software that has caught the attention […]

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best double din head unit

Best Double Din Head Unit Reviews

Let us be honest; many of us drivers can probably hear very little over the sound of car engines.That said, there is no questioning the continuous hum of the exhaust and engine on long journeys can become exhausting. Thus, we have developed this guide to help you select a suitable replacement for your needs. Many years […]

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best floor jack

Best Floor Jack

If you do any type of maintenance on your vehicle yourself, then you probably know how much it means to have a right floor jack. The main difference between a good and a lousy jack comes down to the user’s safety, using a faulty model can cause severe and sometimes fatal injuries. But, searching for […]

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how to remove wheel locks

How to Remove Wheel Locks

When you get a nice set of rims for your car, you won’t be the only person noticing the changes. Wheels that are well locked will attract the attention of car enthusiasts and even negative people such as thieves. Yes, that’s right! When you have such accessories installed in your car, its good if you can consider […]

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