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How to open a locked door with a screwdriver

How to Open a Locked Door with a Screwdriver

It’s better to know how to open a locked door with a screwdriver and not need it, than need it and not know it. Knowing how to do it can come in handy if you’re ever locked out of your house or room. Although there are many ways in which you can open a locked […]

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how to replace a sliding glass door

How to Replace a Sliding Glass Door?

Sliding glass doors can get damaged with time. This makes it necessary to replace them. But how to replace a sliding glass door properly?Firstly, you’ve to prepare both your existing and new door frame and threshold. Then discard the existing door’s screen door and panels. Along with the present door frame and threshold. Next, move on […]

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how to fix automatic garage door

How To Fix Automatic Garage Door: Know Your Solutions

It’s not uncommon to find garage doors malfunctioning. Troubleshooting a garage door, however, takes a lot of time. However, once you find out the reason, your work gets a lot easier.So, how to fix automatic garage door?There are many ways to fix garage doors. By replacing the remote control, the switch, the metal frame, the […]

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how to make homemade dollies

How to Make Homemade Dollies?- Quick & Easy DIY Steps!

You might be wanting to move things. But don’t have enough time to carry one by one. On top of that, you don’t want to spend money on movers. Nor can you afford ready-made dollies.Or maybe you’re a short-budget producer. And can’t spend money on professional camera dollies. So you’re searching for ideas on how to […]

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how to wash a carhartt jacket

How to Wash A Carhartt Jacket?

You bought a Carhartt jacket after saving money for quite a long time. However, your friends mentioned how they ruined theirs by washing them incorrectly.These statements scared the hell out of you. And you’re here searching how to wash a Carhartt jacket?For most of the duck fabric Carhartt jackets, the procedure is the same. Just […]

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how to break in a carhartt jacket

How to Break in A Carhartt Jacket?

You got a nice Carhartt jacket. But over time, it got hardened. Because with every wash, the fabric got stiff and shrank. And you can’t use it until it’s broken in.So you’re looking for ways to know how to break in a Carhartt jacket?Well, firstly you’ll need to zip the jackets. Wash it with cold […]

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how to fix a sliding glass door

How to Fix a Sliding Glass Door?

Budging your malfunctioning sliding door open requires a lot of energy. Especially if you’ve negligible upper body strength. Trust me, it gets tiring real fast. That’s why you might be wondering,“ how to fix a sliding glass door?”First things first, go check the alignment of your track and door. Then, clean your sliding track. If the […]

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how to remove bathtub faucet

How to Remove Bathtub Faucet

Drip, drip, drip!You can probably hear your leaky bathtub faucet already. This noise probably haunts you every night in bed. But you don’t know how to stop it.Well, it’s time for a change. But first, you have to learn how to remove bathtub faucet.Regardless of faucet type, the first step is removing the caulk. For […]

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how to make a piece of plywood into a bathtub tray

How to Make a Piece of Plywood into a Bathtub Tray

A sip of wine, dim lighting, and a bubbly bath. Sounds divine, doesn’t it? Well, you know what puts a damper on things? Having no place to keep your wine glass.Now, you’ve probably seen those fancy bath trays. Wondering to get one for yourself? Well, let’s see how to make a piece of plywood into […]

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how to install garage door opener

How to Install Automatic Garage Door Opener?

Opening your garage by hand is pretty tiring. Thus, installing an automatic garage door is a great idea! But how to install automatic garage door opener properly? First, put the main assembly together. Next, install blocking on your garage ceiling. After that, attach the bracket that came with your opener to your door. Then connect the end […]

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