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7 Best Cup Coffee Makers to Quench Your Caffeine Addiction

Shop bought coffees are among the worst. Apart from slowly draining your wallet, these drinks taste burnt and they call for 10 or more minutes of mind-numbing queuing just to get your hands on them. Let’s not mention the guilt they bring upon us given the constant use of takeaway cups. If you’re thinking of […]

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7 Best Automatic Garage Door Closers- The Ultimate Way to Prevent Break-Ins

With all the issues that people encounter on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget simple activities such as closing your garage door. If you often use your garage as a storage unit, leaving this door open can compromise the security of your entire home. But instead of panicking, take advantage of the best automatic […]

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The 7 Best Airbrush Kits for the Avid Artist

They say that the only thing that’s constant in life is change. This has been proven true in the technology sector, where new inventions spring up every day. Who would have ever imagined the possibility of being able to paint without a paintbrush? Nowadays, you can create art using airbrushes. In the past, our ancestors […]

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7 Best Algae Scrapers to Keep Your Aquarium Water Clear

If you are considering adding a fish tank to your home, then you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s more than just another interior décor item. According to Feng Shui beliefs, an aquarium is a symbol associated with fortune and luck. Scientifically, aquariums confer a ton of health benefits. Attractively colored fish and the elegant […]

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The 7 Best Egg Timers for Your Kitchen – The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Cooking your eggs to perfection just the way you like is a big guessing game. We tend to overcook or undercook it most of the time and it just becomes a frustrating process. If you can relate, our reviews today is especially for you. We look at egg or kitchen timers that help you cook […]

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7 Best Magnetic Screen Doors for Keeping Bugs Out Of Your Home

On those sweltering summer days, it’s natural to want nothing more than to sit by a window and enjoy the breeze blowing into your home. But while doing so provides relief from heat, it also causes unwelcome, windblown debris and dust to enter your residence. Insects and birds might also use this opportunity to access […]

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7 Best Sliding Doors That Add Value and Beauty to Your Home

The popularity of sliding doors has been growing exponentially in the past couple of years. This can be attributed to their aesthetic appeal and wide range of customization options. Apart from showcasing the spectacular views of your garden and backyard, these frameless doors significantly enhance ventilation; not to mention they increase natural lighting in your […]

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The 8 Best Microwave Cookware of 2020 – Reviewing the Best Options on the Market

It can be tough to get the right microwave cookware for your favorite dishes. Most of them are pretty standard or generic and not always ideal for your needs. We have some really cool kitchen cookware for you today. Our reviews look at the best variety on the market at the moment. Microwave cooking can […]

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The 7 Best Bamboo Steamers- A Healthy And Inexpensive Way to Cook

The bamboo steamer holds a special place in the hearts of Hongkongers. After all, it’s been used in this part of the world for centuries. More specifically, bamboo steamers are used for steaming fish, dumplings, vegetables and everything in between. And although it looks like a fairly simple concept, there’s a ton of hard work […]

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The 7 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats that Take the Strain from Prolonged Standing

Let’s face it- it always feels nice when you step onto a soft surface any time you get up from bed in the morning or when you’re standing at your bathroom sink. Now, although regular mats provide light cushioning, they are not capable of reducing the stress and fatigue that comes with standing for prolonged […]

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