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The 7 Best Agility Ladders That Help You Pick Up The Pace

You perform strength training exercises, do cardio workouts and stretch. But no matter how hard you try, getting the right combination of speed and coordination is still a hard nut to crack. It doesn’t have to be so. Having the ability to move swiftly, stop and shift your direction is important for soccer and other […]

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The 7 Best Pogo Sticks That Are Sure to Improve Your Pogoing Experience

Since its invention in 1919, the pogo stick has become one of the most popular toys among kids, teens and adults. Although it was reserved for kids initially, this gadget has evolved to become an extreme sport in the modern day. With advanced pogo sticks, you can jump up to ten feet in the air […]

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The 7 Best Ab Belts for a Rock Solid Core

There are only a few indicators of human fitness that are as sought after as a set of strong, toned abdominal muscles. A six pack is one of the best markers of an individual devoted to personal fitness. But the journey to getting such well-honed ab muscles is no walk in the park. In fact, […]

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The 7 Best Budget Camcorders

If you’re looking for a device that’s dedicated to shooting video, a camcorder is exactly what you’re looking for.  Smartphones can shoot videos all day, but you’re not going to get near the quality that a camcorder can offer.  With so many options out there, where do you start? When it comes to choosing a […]

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The 7 Best 3-Wheel Rollator Walkers

Just because your mobility is limited, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.  There are plenty of walking aid options available depending on your mobility restrictions – some of the best of those options are 3-wheel rollator walkers.  While less known than some other walker options, 3-wheel rollators are known for superior balance and […]

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The 7 Best Hoverboards Worth Taking for a Spin

Searching the best hoverboard can be confusing and overwhelming. You want to ensure you’ve made the right purchase and there are several different factors you need to consider. Purchasing a subpar hoverboard leaves you open to safety concerns as well as durability issues. You also need to consider what motor the hoverboard offers as well […]

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