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lavalier microphone

Best Lavalier Mic Review

Have you ever wondered how you’re able to hear your favorite talk-show or the live television musical with crisp, clear audio? Well, you probably witnessed the wonders of lavalier microphones, otherwise known as lapel mics. If not, you probably remember that movie scene in which a shady informant carries a small, concealed microphone. But so […]

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best cb antenna for 18 wheeler

5 Best CB Antenna for 18-Wheeler To Buy In 2020

Any savvy truck driver will know that owning a CB radio is not a debatable issue for various reasons. You may need emergency help, have to communicate with other staff members or more. Once you have the right CB radio with you, the next step is to move on to select high-quality communications resources for […]

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best fiberglass cb antenna

Best Fiberglass CB Antenna

Most, if not all, CB radios tend to have the same features, especially the power ratings. Usually, the power ratings fall between 4 and 12 watts.The only issue with such low power ratings is that your communications won’t always be accurate.Thus, this is where you may have to invest in the best fiberglass CB antenna. […]

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The 7 Best HDMI Cable Choices for Your Electronic Needs

If you have any television equipment at home, then chances are you can use a high-quality HDMI cable. To find the best cable – HDMI cable, you’ll need to look at several components. This important cable is carrying that high-definition video and audio signal from your Blu-Ray player, game console or computer to your TV, […]

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The 8 Best Active Stylus: Sketch, Draw, and Write Efficiently

 Touchscreen technology has evolved remarkably since the invention of the first finger-operated capacitive model by E. A. Johnson. Throughout the years, there have been many revolutions in this industry such as the resistive touchscreen, which did not use any electrical impulses from the outside. The active stylus has taken this invention up a notch. With this […]

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7 Best AA Batteries: The Ultimate Solution to Your Home’s Power Needs

 Now that just about every gadget in the world is small, lightweight and portable, you’ll need the best AA batteries if you don’t want to run out of juice at an inappropriate time. There’s nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of watching your favorite film and reaching for the remote only to find […]

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35 HomePod Tips and Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Apple Device

You’re most likely in love with the quality of sound you get from your Homepod and chances are you’re aching to find out about all the things you can do with the smart speaker. To really unlock the awesome power of your Apple device, we’ve put together some tips and tricks so you could get […]

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7 Best Amplified Phones- Game-Changing Technologies for the Hearing Impaired

 Telephones are the main medium of communication in the current society. On average, there are about 1.263 billion landlines and 4.77 billion cell phone users. It’s remarkable just how connected the world has become thanks to this marvel of technology. Unfortunately, not everybody has perfect hearing capability. There are those who experience difficulty engaging in telephone […]

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7 Best Android Projectors to Turn Every Netflix Session into a Cinema-Like Experience

 For a long time, it seemed like the only people interested in projectors were A/V nerds and would-be entrepreneurs looking to impress investors through their business presentations. With the high price tag attached to most quality projectors, these gadgets remained a luxury for the select few. Luckily, times have changed. You can now find a projector […]

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7 Best Arduino Starter Kits for DIY Electronics and Programming

 During the 1970s, the term hacker merely referred to an individual who liked to program for the sheer joy of it. In those days, software was available for free. Plus, hardware was pretty cheap and targeted toward hobbyists passionate about assembling computers. What followed was a period of innovation steered by great minds like Steve […]

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