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how to connect android phone to car stereo via USB

How to Connect Android Phone to Car Stereo via USB

Driving is better when music is involved; it’s simple as that. Listening to music while driving is one of the easiest ways to alleviate the stressfulness of daily traffic. It’s even better if you get to play the music you like, instead of what’s on the radio. But connecting your phone to the car’s stereo […]

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best way to store lipo batteries

Best Way To Store LiPo Batteries

LiPo batteries are lifesavers. Consider yourself blessed if you have a couple of extra ones. Not only do they have high performance, but they’re also extremely environment friendly.So if you find some LiPo batteries, wrap them and store them away.Now, what is the best way to store LiPo batteries?The first step for storing is to […]

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displayport vs hdmi

DisplayPort vs. HDMI: Which Is Better For Gaming?

When we buy a gaming PC, we look for many specifications. But what we often forget is the interface. Which is the biggest part of a gaming experience. However, two popular interfaces are in competition. HDMI and Displayport both compete to replace each other.So choosing one of these popular interfaces can be very tricky. Both […]

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how to fix power strip

How to Fix Power Strip?

Power strips are pretty important for a household. Thus, it’s quite annoying if your power strip gets damaged.So, how to fix power strip easily? Well, for starters, you’ve to unplug your power strip. Then check the circuit breaker or fuse. Once you’re done with that, start inspecting your power cord. Open your power strip to test […]

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why do people use nightlights

Why do people use nightlights?

Looking for something to keep your room alight at night? Then night lights are just the right choice. It will not only keep your room bright, but it will also be your guide.However, nightlights are more than just lighting up your room. So, want to know why do people use nightlights?There are many benefits of using […]

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how to connect android to projector

How To Connect Android To Projector

Using a phone can be the easiest way to present in a meeting. It’s the most convenient way to conduct a meeting as smoothly as possible. However, people have a hard time connecting their phones to a projector.Fear not! Our guide will clear out all your confusion.So, here’s how to connect android phone to projector […]

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how to use my android phone as a projector

How To Use My Android Phone As A Projector

There are two ways you can present in a meeting with a phone. You can either share the screen of your phone. Or you can present using your phone with a projector. The latter can be a bit hard to contemplate. However, there are easier ways.So, how to use my android phone as a projector?There […]

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how to charge aa batteries without charger: 3 easy steps

How To Charge AA Batteries Without Charger: 3 Easy Steps

Everyone owns devices that are run with AA or AAA batteries. A lot of people just throw away these dead alkaline batteries. However, instead of throwing them, you can simply recharge them to life! Worrying about a charger? Don’t be, you can do it without one.So, how to charge AA batteries without a charger?There are […]

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how to remove back cover of laptop

How to Remove Back Cover of Laptop?

Sometimes it’s necessary to open the back cover of your laptop. But getting it out can be a  bit difficult. Especially when it’s an emergency.So, how to remove back cover of laptop easily? Well, for starters, turn off your laptop completely. Then you’ve to flip it over so it’s facing down. Make sure to flip it […]

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does size of displayport cables affect its performance

Does Size Of DisplayPort Cables Affect Its Performance?

Moving is not easy. And it requires a lot of renovations. One of them includes replacing the wires. Wires are always either too long or too short.The length of the cables doesn’t matter. In the case of a DisplayPort cable, it does. And a lot of people are unaware of that.So, the real question- does […]

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