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how to magnetize a screwdriver

How to Magnetize a Screwdriver

Knowing how to magnetize a screwdriver or any other tool can come in handy in numerous situations. Magnetized screwdrivers are convenient, as they allow you to aim more accurately or reach for small metallic parts that fell into some tricky places. However, magnetized screwdrivers can also be a pain inside a toolbox. They attract metallic dust, […]

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how to make diy pocket knife

How To Make DIY Pocket Knife

Thinking of adding your personal touch to your knife collection? Yes! You can definitely make your own creation. Design it any way you want it!So, how to make a DIY pocket knife?Making a gravity pocket knife requires some time. First, you need to design your pocket knife on a piece of paper. Then, cut the […]

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how to sharpen an axe

How to Sharpen An Axe? All You Need to Know!

You’ve found your axe to be blunt. And you can hardly use it for any purpose. Because it’s too dull and rounded up.It’s the most upsetting when you’re planning camping. Because axes are basic when it comes to camping. So you’re here searching how to sharpen an axe?First, take a rectangular stone that’s diamond coated. Then […]

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how to make a brush axe

How to Make A Brush Axe? 6 Step Technique!

You’re thinking of cleaning up your backyard. But you can’t find the right axe for it. You have thought of having a regular axe. But that’s not what you need for this purpose.And a brush axe will rather serve your purpose here. But as a matter of fact, you never made one.So now you’re searching […]

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how to fix a 3 hole punch 3 ways to try

How to Fix A 3 Hole Punch- 3 Ways to Try

You’re using the 3 hole punch machine for a while. But now it seems to give you a hard time.And it’s not something you plan on purchasing over and over. So you’re thinking of fixing it. But you don’t know-how.Hence you’re looking for how to fix a 3 hole punch?Well, you can spray WD40 over […]

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best portable battery generator

Best Portable Battery Generator To Buy In 2021

Generators have been in use for a long time as power backup devices in case the mains go down. Other people have used it in other cases such as remote cabins or when out on the trails. However, traditional gasoline generators do not do the best job at these kinds of use cases. They are […]

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best electric chainsaw reviews

Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews 2021

If you’re looking to buy a chainsaw, you might have noticed that the electric models have taken the market by storm lately. Or if you want to switch from a gas-powered to electric, you are probably skeptical of their performance and efficiency. That is why we have created this list of the best electric chainsaws […]

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best angle grinder

Best Angle Grinders Reviews 2021

No set of tools is complete without a good angle grinder. Whether you are a fabricator, plumber, mason, electrician, or just a simple DIY enthusiast – you will benefit from the versatility and power that these tools have to offer.Are you ready to learn more? Well, this informative angle grinder buying guide will help you […]

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best scissor jack

8 Best Scissor Jack Review & Buyer’s Guide

If you own a type of car, you will know that you will have to change the tire occasionally. Whether it’s due to a puncture, an accident, or perhaps just normal car maintenance, you need the right resources for the process. Since most cars are relatively heavy machines, weighing in the hundreds if not thousands […]

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best reciprocating saw

10 Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews

Whether you’re a professional electrician, HVAC, plumber, carpenter, or a DYI enthusiast, sooner or later, you’ll need a highly versatile cutting tool, like a reciprocating saw. Reciprocating saws are power tools capable of cutting a vast range of materials, while also being suitable for work in tight spaces. They’ll cut anything, from metal, plastic, drywall, […]

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