7 Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners To Keep Your Blades Sharp

Any camping enthusiast knows just how important a pocket knife is- without one you can’t really accomplish much. You can’t skin the game you hunt, cut ropes or even defend yourself against predators, if the need arises. But after many uses, your pocket knife will ultimately become blunt; hence, it won’t be of much use. […]

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The 7 Best Notebook Covers in 2020

Nowadays, it seems like we can do everything using our mobile phone apps. We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with that, but every once in a while, you should ditch your iPad for the good old-fashioned journal. The digital devices can never surpass the convenience you get when using pen and paper. The truth […]

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7 Best EDC Lighters For Survival and Preparedness

Not too long ago, harnessing fire was a routine activity fundamental to daily life. When homes used to be heated using fireplaces and stoves, and the main source of illumination comprised of candlelight and lamplight, fire-starters were incredibly vital. In fact, devices resembling lighters have been in use since the 16th century. However, the common […]

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How to Shoot a Bow Accurately

3 Surefire Methods of Shooting a Bow Accurately

Hunting can be an exciting activity for the outdoor activity lovers. Even though archery is meant for hunting, many people do it as a hobby. It’s like a game which has many advantages. It makes one learn patience, persistence and paying attention to detail. How to shoot a bow can be quite challenging since it […]

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20 Best Christmas 2020 Gifts Ideas For 50 Year Old Woman

If you’re reading this article, then we’re guessing that you’re feeling under pressure to buy an amazing Christmas gift for an important woman in your life. Planning to get a gift for your mom, aunt or significant other? Well, our guide highlights the best Christmas gifts for women over 50. 1. Premium Deluxe Bath & […]

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20 Best Christmas Gifts Ideas 2020 For 60 Year Old Man

Whether you’re shopping for your dad, grandfather or best friend, buying a Christmas gift for a 60 year old man can be difficult. You have to be incredibly creative to get a gift that amuses them at their age. The simple fact that he’s celebrated 59 festive holidays means that has received all sorts of […]

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20 Best Christmas Gifts Ideas 2020 for 60 Year Old Woman

Do you spend days hunting in stores or take numerous hours on your desktop looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Buying gifts can be overwhelming and emotionally draining, especially when you have to shop for your grandma or mom. Wrapping gifts and giving them to loved ones is fulfilling. The hard part is finding the […]

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19 Christmas Gifts Ideas 2020 for 50 Year Old Man

So someone you know hit the big 5-0 this year. That is a big deal! Wishing them a merry Christmas is fine and dandy, but odds are, they’re probably stuck in some sort of depression because of reaching the half-century mark. While you are all excited about shopping for the upcoming holiday, he’s probably contemplating […]

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8 Best Amazon Black Friday 2020 Deals: Nasty Discounts

Black Friday 2018 is once again emerging to be the perfect time of the year for getting deals on tablets, computers, wearable tech and more. And even though they were slightly late to the party this year, EDC manufacturers have also caught up to the trend. There are hundreds of worthy discounts available at the […]

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10 Best Amazon Black Friday 2020 Week Deals

The countdown to Black Friday, which is undoubtedly the greatest shopping holiday of the year, has officially started. The shopping frenzy that leads to long queues extending to supermarket car parks and disputes breaking out over gadgets, Black Friday presents the perfect opportunity to get your hands on the best items at incredibly low prices. […]

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